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109 Roses Mill Road
Milford, CT 06460
P (203) 878-8551

Commercial & Fleet Accounts

Commercial and Fleets who enter into an agreement with Kleen-N-Green can save big while helping to preserve our planet! After a credit check, we can set you up so that all your employees can take your cars through the wash for a consistently slick and kleen car. It’s the fastest and easiest way to keep your fleet squeaky kleen.

Businesses can benefit from the environmentally sound and technologically advanced carwash and car services at Kleen-N-Green. We offer all our amazing services at a discount – ensuring that you don’t spend more than you should. You won’t find another car wash who is as focused on helping the environment as we are at Kleen-N-Green. Being environmentally friendly will not only help the planet, but it can also help set you apart from your competitors who don’t use a green car wash option.

At Kleen-N-Green, the benefits for your commercial or fleet are endless:

  • We use environmentally friendly soaps and detergents
  • Great discounts for your fleet
  • Wash ANYTIME for squeaky kleen cars
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by caring for our planet

For information on Fleet Account pricing and options please Send us a Message with your information, and phone number and we will contact you to discuss account options!

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