About Us

Kleen N Green is dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality car wash while caring for our environment. That’s why at Kleen-N-Green, we have found the utmost in quality products such as ECO Boxes by Pennzoil, green waxes for cars, and environmentally friendly soaps and detergents from Simoniz Products.

Kleen-N-Green has also taken the time to make these services accessible to all by keeping generous hours of business both during the week and on weekends, as well as offering special promotions and discounts.

We are staffed by local folks, that live and work in your community, we consistently support annual charitable promotions, such as Milford Oyster Festival and Veterans Day fundraisers.

What makes Kleen-N-Green, green?

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in becoming more energy efficient.

Using water based soaps and detergents by Simoniz Products, an environmentally friendly alternative to acid based soaps and we are certified green by Simoniz Products.

EnviroWaste processes our waste oil. What we don’t burn for heat in our facility they extract from our retention tank and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way!

Facility collects & recycles hundreds of cans & bottles.

Offering green products for sell, to encourage you to try our green kleeners and air fresheners.

Changed nozzles & sprays with more efficient water dispensers throughout the car wash tunnel, reducing the water we use by 10%.

Added automatic sensors to turn off lights inside & out when not in use.

Our ice melting crystals are made of all green materials, no salt or harmful agents (and it’s green too!)

Recycle all used oil filters.

Replaced the cloth used to Kleen your car with innovative new cloth made from recycled products, the newest technology proven to kleen better!

Future Roadmap

We will keep working hard to further reduce our carbon footprint.

What you can do to help the environment?

The single most important thing you can do to help become more green is STOP WASHING YOUR OWN CAR! Driveway washing wastes a lot of water! The run off from soaps can harm the environment.

  • Use fuel efficient oils to keep your car running Kleen!

  • Buy and use our green products

  • Dispose of your cans and bottles in our recycle containers