Milford Location:
109 Roses Mill Road
Milford, CT 06460
P (203) 878-8551

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash in Connecticut

With our Milford location, we pride ourselves on delivering an Environmentally Conscious, Kleen car for a reasonable price. Our services, as seen below, include everything from a Flex Service Car Wash Tunnel to Complete Detailing and Oil Change and Self Service Cleaning.


Flex Service Car Wash

Our flex service tunnel will give your car an excellent outer kleening. Recent improvements in our car wash tunnel have allowed us to provide customers with a more environmentally sound car wash tunnel that outputs a shinier, kleener car. We also use Simoniz products environmentally friendly soaps and detergents to help reduce the impact on our planet.

Milford Details & Pricing

Self Service Car Wash

Kleen-N-Green currently has five state-of-the-art self service car wash areas for your convenience. As is true with the car wash tunnel, self serve car wash areas are equipped with Simoniz environmentally friendly soaps and detergents. In addition, all motors in the vacuums have been replaced and updated to give the utmost in kleening power. You will no longer find yourself needing to vacuum the same area two or three times. Our vacuums are powerful enough to kleen your car the first time through.

Milford Details & Pricing

Complete Auto Detailing Center

In Kleen-N-Green’s Full Service detail center we take your car and make it look like new! Our highly experienced detailer’s will take even the dirtiest cars, and turn them completely around. Offering everything from your fast 30 min. or less Express Detail, to your complete overhaul inside and out!

Advanced appointment suggested for all complete detailing!

Milford Details & Pricing

Lube & Oil Change

We provide quality oil changes in our two bays using Pennzoil. We keep up with green technology by using Pennzoil Eco Boxes instead of plastic quarts to cut down on waste and all oil filters are sent to an oil recycler and oil waste is burned in our waste burner for heat during winter months.

Milford Details & Pricing

Commercial / Fleets

Commercial and Fleets who enter into an agreement with Kleen-N-Green can save big while helping to preserve our planet! We can set you up so that all your employees can take your cars through the wash for a consistently slick and kleen car. It’s the fastest and easiest way to keep your fleet squeaky kleen.

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